Pension Reform

Did you know the LGPS is changing? The key thing to note is that all current benefits are protected. Find out more about the proposals and changes explained under the documentation tab on the left.
This section of the site sets out the progress in the reform of the LGPS following on from Lord Hutton's review of all public sector pensions in 2010/11. It is important that you check this site regularly since the new LGPS is likely to be implemented by 2014. 

It contains a timeline of the review together with all of the documentation published as part of the review and since.

As more information becomes available we will include some ready reckoners on this site to help you to assess the impact of the changes on your future pension.


None of the proposals referred to in this section effect your current pension in payment or any benefits built up to the date of any changes made as a result of the reform process.

Existing benefits will be protected in full including the link to final salary. It is expected that a new scheme will be implemented by 2014 and full details of scheme design will be published on this website as and when they become available.