Section for members and potential members

Are you in the scheme or thinking of joining the LGPS? This site provides you with key benefits, guides and publications.

An on-line calculator is a helpful tool for you to see how much your pension is worth. This relies on the information you put in but if you wanted to get a more exact idea of your benefits then sign up to our secure online records system. This uses the information we hold for you and you can carry out some simple modellers to help you decide when you want to retire. 

If you are not yet in the scheme but thinking of joining then see our benefits section. How does this pay £1 and your employer pays £2. Your pension is also secure and is based on your length of service and salary rather than the stock market. We have some LGPS videos you might like to watch

If you are an active member and are about to retire, please inform your HR department so that they can arrange for the relevant information to be forwarded onto LPFA. We will then write to you with regards to your retirement options. You might like to read Leaving the LGPS or the factsheet on benefits.

Part time workers

Nearly half of all LGPS members are part time workers. Find out how your pension is calculated

Take control of your pension